Dissemination activities

We would like to share all the dissemination and communication activities done in REWATERGY.

Dissemination events

Raffaella Pizzichetti has represented REWATERGY in the “Science is Wonderful” event organized by the European Commission from 22nd-24th September 2020 with the exciting topic “Microplastics: a global micro-scale threat!”.

Shabila Perveen & Raffaella Pizzichetti have participated in the “Semana de la Ciencia y la Innovación” celebrated during 2nd to 15th of November 2020 in Madrid with two exciting presentations:

  • MICROPLASTICS EVEN IN THE SOUP. WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW AND WHAT WE COULD DO by Raffaella Pizzichetti (November 5th from 10.00 to 11.30 h)

Visit the web page: http://rewatergy.eu/microplastics/

Visit the video: http://rewatergy.eu/microplastics/

  • RESISTANCE TO ANTIBIOTICS. HOW MICROBES BECOME SUPERMICROBES IN OUR BODY by Shabila Perveen (November 4th from 10:00 to 11:30 h)

Visit the webpage: http://rewatergy.eu/antibioticresistance/home/ 

Visit the video: http://rewatergy.eu/antibioticresistance/home/ 

Other events

Adithya Pai has attended to the Fifth South Asian Cities Summit 2020, celebrated in Goa (India) between 04-06 March 2020.

Salem Alkharabsheh took part in some activities to show the visitors basic water purification methods the NI Science Festival event, celebrated in Belfast (UK), between 13-23 February 2020.

Adithya Pai has participated in the event ICUDAS 2020, International conference on Ultra violet disinfection for Air and Surface, celebrated between 08-09 December 2020 (virtual conference).