Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was founded in 1996. This University has a quality training, through a broad and excellent academic offer, and contributing to the forefront of knowledge. It has oriented its teaching and research to seek interdisciplinary solutions to current problems, and is among the best universities in Madrid for its excellent academic offer and international scientific quality. It is committed to responsible quality assurance in all its official qualifications, thus enabling the training of competent people with the values of today’s society (entrepreneurship, effort, commitment to sustainable development …).


Persons in charge: Prof. Javier Marugán, Dr. Cristina Pablos, Dr. Cristina Adán

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate university, formed by thirty-one colleges; it also has faculties, academic departments and research institutes. The faculties and departments concentrate the research work of the university, and they coordinate and centralize the teaching of the university careers: they establish the study programs, the subjects, they are in charge of the exams and other academic and administrative aspects of the university careers.


Persons in charge: Dr. Laura Torrente

Ulster University

Ulster University has national and international reputation for excellence, innovation and regional engagement, making a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Northern Ireland. The core business activities are teaching and learning, widening access to education, research and innovation and technology and knowledge transfer.


Persons in charge: Dr. Pilar Fernández, Prof. John Byrne

Delf IMP

Delft IMP (Intensified Materials Production) is dutch company that commercializes nanostructuring of particles using atomic and molecular layer deposition (ALD and MLD), based on the patented and publicized IP and know-how developed within the Product & Process Engineering (PPE) group at Delft University of Technology. Delft IMP has a unique approach that ensures carrying through implementation of production intensification all the way through full-scale installations.


Persons in charge: Dr. Roderik Colen, Dr. Dominik Benz


ProPhotonix partners with the world’s leading industrial, medical and scientific equipment manufacturers to design and manufacture LED lights and Lasers optimized for their systems. Based in Ireland, ProPhotonix LED was a pioneer of Chip-on-Board LED packaging technology and an early adopter of UV LEDs. The company utilizes its multidisciplinary design expertise to push the boundaries of LED technology delivering complete solutions for its customers.


Persons in charge: Dr. Ken Reynolds, Dr. Simon Stanley

FCC Aqualia

Aqualia is a Spanish water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC (51%) and by the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors (49%). The company is the fourth private water company in Europe by population served and is among the top ten in the world (GWI, November 2017). Aqualia is positioned as a reference brand in the sector, positioned as avant-garde, specialized, transparent and innovative. Thanks to a committed human team, with great experience, which permanently seeks to improve efficiency in production processes and optimization of resources and with a clear orientation towards the citizen.


Persons in charge: Mr. Frank Rogalla, Dr. Victor Monsalvo, Dr. Patricia Zamora Bonachela, Mrs. Beatriz del Castillo